Almost every foil print made available by Crown Prints was created by a different artist, who submitted his or her work to the art publisher for acceptance.



Separate printing plates are made for each major color that appears in the original art work. These plates are then inked, and are used to transfer that color onto very fine metallic foil. Colors are also  overlapped on the foil to create more subtle shades.

Specially formulated "transparent" inks are used in this process. This transparent quality of the inks allows external light to pass through the inked image from the outside, and then reflect back out again off the foil, giving the impression that the light source is located within the art print itself.

Because the printed foil is so thin, a thicker grade of paper is bonded to the back of the printed foil using a fine coat of liquid wax, which then hardens and serves as a glue to hold the foil paper flat.

Anyone who has seen a foil print knows the stunning brilliance of the color and sharpness of the subject just can't be matched by any other form of printing.


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